Welcome to the Web Transformation Project

(No, this is not a real home page!)

What we have here is a demo page with:

  • a video about the new Strathclyde web site creation process
  • some links to new content and design that we're looking for feedback on
  • a link to the beta site map so that you can see all the work in progress
  • a link to our project timetable
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Update - 8 August 2014

  • The Executive Team has now approved our site structure and designs. Thanks
    for all your help and feedback in getting us to this stage of the project.
  • Over the summer we will focus on populating new pages with high-quality content.
    You'll see the beta site grow over the coming months.
  • We still need your help in identifying and approving content. Watch this space for
    regular updates and progress.

  • Here are our latest pages, ready for feedback:
  • undergraduate courses - phase one
  • postgraduate courses - phase one 
  • postgraduate research degrees - phase one
  • research - high level
  • subjects - research - phase one
  • View the site map

  • Our project timetable shows you the pages that we are developing in partnership with every department.