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Strathclyde Beta Website

What's next?

  • T4 upgrade - this is a significant piece of work that will update the T4 software and provide users with a much better user experience
  • student information - campus life, improved international student information
  • Weir Advanced Research Centre

Our most recent developments 


We have introduced a new set of 'personal' icons which are available in the header of the University website.
  • clicking the star icon will save the current page to a personal 'My saved pages' list. If the page is a course page, this will be added to a 'My saved courses' list

  • saved pages and courses are retrievable from anywhere on the website by clicking the saved pages icon in the header (note: this only works where the visitor is using the same device) 

  • recently visited pages can now be accessed by clicking the recently visited icon in the header. This will display the user’s five most-recently visited pages and courses on the University website. 

This functionality is available across all devices, with a toolbar on mobile devices and a set of icons within the header on desktop devices.

We're now adding personalised tertiary content (country and subject-specific), displaying more relevant content to our visitors based on their location and areas of interest.  

New content



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