Template documentationuos 6blocks

This template is only used on department homepages. It shouldn't be used on any other type of page.

The template is to be used to give the main areas within the department a significant presence on the page. Each area has a title and an image and is linked to another section on the website. Ideally there should be either 3 or 6 sections to maximise the design.

This template also acts as an LHS and RHS master, pulling RHS content into the sidebar. 

Template fields

Name - This is a mandatory field. You must give the template an appropriate name that corresponds with your content e.g. Faculty navigation. The name is not shown on the live web page.

Main Title - This is the main title for the content area and will appear within <h1> tags above the boxes and main summary.

Main Summary - This is the text that will appear below the main title and above the content boxes. You can use this area to provide an introduction to the content and provide any relevant information for the visitor.

Heading n - This is the text that will appear within the box heading, and should describe where the visitor will be navigating to. The maximum characters recommended is 40.

Image n - This is the image that will appear within the corresponding content box. The recommended image size for this template is 500 x 500px.

Box1URL - This field is used to link the box to a page within the website. To do this, click on Select. Then using the site structure navigate to the page you want to link to and click on it.

There are a total of 6 boxes with a heading, Image and URL.

Working example

Our goal is to transform and improve future healthcare through innovations and advances in science in technology.