Template documentationuos Carousel & uos CarouselMaster

This template is used to add an individual carousel element. You must start with the uos CarouselMaster.

When several of these templates are added to the page the scrolling arrows will appear on hover. This will depend on the screen size to number of elements ratio.

Your heading can have an image, title and supporting text. All fields are optional.

Template fields to complete

You must add the uos CarouselMaster template before any of the uos Carousel templates will display correctly on the live website.

Name - This is a mandatory field. You must give the template an appropriate name that corresponds with your content e.g. Health Quotations Carousel. The name is not shown on the live web page.

Image  - This is an optional field. If you want to add an image it must be 360x180 pixels in size.

Title - You can enter free text up to a maximum of 40 characters.

Text - You can enter text up to a maximum of 250 characters.

URL - Add a section link

URL External - Add a link to an external site or the old site.

Working example & Labelled example

Template: uos Carousel