Template documentationuos factCheque & uos chequered fact bg image

This template is for use on area landing pages. For example:

  • research subject homepage
  • work with us homepage
  • department homepage

It is not to be used on lower level pages beyond the landing page.

The boxes on the left-hand side of the page can be used to highlight facts/info or link to web pages/external sites.

Template fields

Name - This is a mandatory field. You must give the template an appropriate name that corresponds with your content eg 'English fact'. The name is not shown on the live web page.

Fact 1 - This field contains the information that will be displayed in the fact box. Type the fact/statement in the text box. Do not use a full stop at the end of the text.

Fact 1 section link - This field is used to link the text and image to a page within the website. To do this, click 'Select'. Then, using the site structure, navigate to the page you want to link to and click on it.

Fact 1 hard link - This field is used to link the text and image to a page within the old Strathclyde website or to an external website (eg www.bbc.co.uk). Do not use this field to link to pages within the current Strathclyde website. To add a link, enter the full URL of the page you want to link to (including http://).

You cannot use both the section link and a hard link. You must select one or the other or neither.

Follow the same steps as above to complete Facts 2-4 and the alt facts.

On the live page, Facts 1 and 3 will remain constantly in their place. The other two boxes will alternate at random between Facts 2 and 4 and the alt facts. 

The uos factCheque is also a structural template. This means it orders other templates into position. To avoid duplicate content, only one of these should be used on a page at any one time.

The other templates that work in conjunction with uos factCheque master are:

Working example

Working with businesses & organisations

Labelled template


altFact 1

altFact 2

altFact 3

altFact 4