Template documentationuos LHSBlockGridItem

Please note: You must add the template 'uos MasterLHSandRHS' before using this template otherwise the content will not display.

This template provides a content box in the left-hand side in a choice of widths, each with an image and heading. It is used for providing navigation to other sections, and can be used with other instances of the same template to build a grid. Grids can only be created with consecutive Block Grid Items that are the same width.

Template fields

Name - This is a mandatory field. You must give the template an appropriate name that corresponds with your content e.g. Section navigation. The name is not shown on the live web page.

Title - The field outputs as a title above the content boxes within a <h2> tags.

Block Width - This field dictates how wide the content boxes will appear e.g. selecting 'quarter' will set the width of each box to 25%. This does not need to match the number of content boxes completed, as any extra boxes will wrap to the next row.

Block Style - This field allows you to choose the background colour of the text area of the block, with a choice of white or grey.

Heading - This is the text that will appear within the box heading, and should describe where the visitor will be navigating to. The maximum characters recommended is 40.

Image - This is the image that will appear within the corresponding content box. The recommended image size for this template is 600 x 300px.

URL - This field is used to link the text and image to a page within the website. To do this, click on Select. Then using the site structure navigate to the page you want to link to and click on it.

URL-alt - This field is used to link the text and image to a page within the old Strathclyde website or to an external website e.g. www.bbc.co.uk. Do not use this field to link to pages with the current Strathclyde website. To add a link just enter the full URL of the page you want to link to including http://.

Force end of grid - Should you wish to have two consecutive grids that use blocks of the same width, you can force the end of the first grid by placing a 'Y' in this field. This will ensure that when you add a new Block Grid Item, it starts a new row.

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