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We've updated our header and drop down menus to help our users find our most popular and important content.

We've also introduced new sections and designs:

T4 software upgrade - w/c 22 October 2018

Later this year, we intend to upgrade T4 to its latest version.

This means that we’ll all have access to a much better version of T4. It will have a new, modern interface and improved editing capabilities.

The upgrade will also lead to other improvements like faster publishing times and increased security. This is a significant piece of work for the Web & Digital team and other colleagues across the University.

It means that you will not have access to T4 for the week commencing 22 October 2018.

The website will not be affected by the upgrade, but T4 users – including the web team - will not be able to make any changes to its content during that week.

Training in the new version of T4 will be available nearer the time and more information will follow over the next few weeks.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the T4 software upgrade -

T4 upgrade training - book now

You can now book the online training course to introduce you to the new software version of T4.

Book online here -

Don’t worry if you can’t watch the livestream on 24 October, there will be a recording of the webinar available for you to watch afterwards. We'll share more details nearer the time.  

Update September 2018

We have introduced a number of new areas over the summer.

Update - March 2018

Graduate Apprenticeships

We have introduced a new area for employers interested in Graduate Apprenticeships.

Conferencing & events

We have redesigned and improved our section dedicated to conferencing and events.

New designs

We have introduced new designs for three of our key sections based on user behaviour and analytics:

Site search 

We have replaced our site search facility with a new enterprise search solution for the website. This new system has improved the effectiveness of the website search functionality by expanding the outlook of the online search with improved capabilities of in-site searching for key elements. 

Update - January 2018

Strathclyde Online Learning

We have introduced an improved way of promoting our online courses:

Postgraduate research opportunities

Late last summer, we released phase 2 of this project which automatically displays PGR projects on the relevant PGR course page. For example,  Electronic & Electrical Engineering

An interesting statistic we have found is that more than 4,000 users have linked from a PGR course page to a PGR opportunity project page. For example, Electronic & Electrical Engineering PGR opportunity

Staff vacancies

Our vacancies section is one of the website’s most popular areas and we have updated the content to focus on Strathclyde’s benefits and features including facilities, our people and rewards and benefits.

Why Strathclyde?

We have improved one of the website's key sections. The new designs and content based are based on user feedback.

Strategic themes

We have developed new pages to promote the work of the University’s new strategic themes. These strategic themes bring together our research, teaching and innovation strengths from the whole university. The new section allows us to demonstrate the work of our multi-disciplinary approaches.

Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network

We are supporting the next generation of Strathclyde entrepreneurs through a new suite of web pages designed to help with starting a new business, creating a spin-out company and developing entrepreneurial skills.


Digital & Web Team

Update - October 2017


We have introduced a new set of 'personal' icons which are available in the header of the University website.

  • clicking the star icon will save the current page to a personal 'My saved pages' list. If the page is a course page, this will be added to a 'My saved courses' list

  • saved pages and courses are retrievable from anywhere on the website by clicking the saved pages icon in the header (note: this only works where the visitor is using the same device) 

  • recently visited pages can now be accessed by clicking the recently visited icon in the header. This will display the user’s five most-recently visited pages and courses on the University website. 

This functionality is available across all devices, with a toolbar on mobile devices and a set of icons within the header on desktop devices.

We're now adding personalised tertiary content (country and subject-specific), displaying more relevant content to our visitors based on their location and areas of interest.  

Digital & Web team


Update - July 2017

Postgraduate research opportunities

Our PGR opportunities facility is now live

We worked with colleagues from across the university to identify what was required for this new section – thanks for all your input, we hope that it will be a useful recruitment tool for you.

Remember that you can link to faculty and department-level views of PGR projects from your faculty/department pages, for example:

We will look at implementing Phase 2 of the system where projects are automatically added to the PGR course pages in coming weeks. Following this, we will look at showing projects on staff pages for relevant supervisors.

Professional Services

We are working with Professional Services teams to improve their web presence. We are applying our new design to the old pages which will help to give our users a consistent user experience. It will also mean that these older areas of the website will work more effectively on mobiles and tablets and also display a consistent header and footer. You’ll see changes over the next few weeks.


We’re ready to roll out some new features. Over the next few weeks we’ll introduce new functionality that will:

  • target users from different geographical locations
  • offer users the choice to select and save favourite course pages
  • allow users to bookmark favourite pages across the site and view recently visited pages

Chat software

We’re working with our HaSS Marketing Team colleagues to trial live chat software on some of their web pages to help them recruit more PGDE students. If successful, we hope to introduce to other sections of the website to help with student recruitment and engagement. We’ll keep you updated with progress.

Images on website

We have identified an issue with a significant number of images on the website. These images are very large and are affecting how quickly some web pages load.

Please remember to use the image sizes advised in our template guides and make sure you crop and then resize the image before uploading to the T4 media library.

We’ll be in touch with teams directly to discuss this. Meanwhile, if you’re unsure about the size of the images that you’ve uploaded, we’ve created a handy guide for you to check and compress your images:

The Web Team


Update - April 2017

Site search – Google Search Appliance upgrade 

Next week we are upgrading our website’s search facility. This means that on the morning of Wednesday 12 April 2017 you may notice that our site search will look a bit different for around four hours. You’ll be able to continue to use search, and its performance will not be affected. 

Coming soon 

  • New-look Professional Services sections - pages that are in the old templates will be reskinned to echo the new designs which will work on mobile etc 
  • We are also working on new sections for student information, Corporate Governance, Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network, HR recruitment and lots more.

 Our recent developments

Any comments or questions please get in touch


 The Web Team